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Multiple Birth Awareness Week


This week – Monday February 24th – Sunday 3rd March, is Multiple Birth Awareness week. This years theme is ‘Share the Journey’. Many parents of multiples feel isolated and overwhelmed due to their unique situation. Mental health issues occur at a much higher rate in parents of multiples. A strong sense of belonging is essential […]

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April Presidents Report

I can’t believe school holidays are fast approaching and term 1 is nearly over. I am so proud of how well my 5 year old has settled in to Foundation at school. He is thriving and loving every minute of it. My twins have made me so proud by settling so well in to 3 […]

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March Presidents Report

I can’t believe summer is almost over and the school year is well and truly underway. What a year it is for me. My eldest has started foundation and has had a really smooth transition in to school which was such a relief. He also received an award 2nd week in to school. My twins […]

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July presidents report

I hope you’re all managing to keep warm this winter. One thing I love about the cold weather is having a nice bowl of hearty soup and crusty bread. What’s your favourite thing about winter? Whilst food is on my mind, what have you got planned this winter as a family? I’m looking forward to […]

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