President’s Report – November 2020

As restrictions slowly ease and we start moving to some form of normalcy there is definitely a sense of relief from all Melbournians.

The last few months have been tough on many and I can see this in the decline of our membership numbers. Casey & District Multiple Birth Association has not been offering its full services and this may cause some members to question their membership.

Please let me assure you that as soon as we are allowed to offer services such as playgroups and social events, we will get them up and running. It is unfortunate that we haven’t been able to provide these services and, believe me, we all feel the same way about missing out.

CDMBA is reliant on its members and we are a community of families that offers support to one another, and I personally believe every multiple birth family should be part of a tribe such as this. I implore you to renew your memberships and continue to be a part of this amazing community.

If you have experienced hardship but would still like to be a part of CDMBA, please contact our Membership Secretary, Melinda, and we can see how we can assist you with our membership.



President’s Report Aug 2019

I want to start tonight by saying thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the planning meeting. We have some great ideas that have and will transpire over the next 10 months. Rebecca has put together a calendar of what was discussed at the planning meeting but there is always room for more fundraising ideas and events. If you come up with any more ideas please bring them to committee to discuss and put on the calendar.

Other amazing thing that have been happening this month. – Rebecca K has received two grants now for the club, the GCD and care packs. – High tea for new parents – First aid course was a success. – Changed the cook book to newsletter recipes. – Playgroup back and Orientation day for young bubs was a success. – Hay De Ho singing group – Grant application – Great work on changing the family gathering at short notice – Photo shoot was a success with a profit. – Some great discounts offers for our families (refer to newsletter) thanks Malinda – The Kinder and school readiness information night is going well with planning. – some free goodies for fundraising, care packs.

I hope you all had a look at the information about the AMBA AGM at convention. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing about the other clubs at the upcoming convention and will report back to you all. Thank you all for the hard work and keep it up.

April Presidents Report

I can’t believe school holidays are fast approaching and term 1 is nearly over. I am so proud of how well my 5 year old has settled in to Foundation at school. He is thriving and loving every minute of it. My twins have made me so proud by settling so well in to 3 year old kinder.2 weeks of tears from one of them but nothing other than that.

I hope all your kiddies starting school and kinder have had a great term 1. MBAW was celebrated this month with the theme focusing on the individuality of Multiples. This is a theme close to my heart as I have always wanted my boys to be individuals and to not feel like they are the same person. For those of you that know my twins will know very well that they are in fact very individual and very different kids. I love that they have their own ideas, likes and dislikes.

Thank you Angie for organizing a wonderful BBQ lunch to celebrate such a fantastic event. Thank you to all of you who came to help celebrate.The Easter Sub Committee has started planning a fantastic Easter Egg Hunt for Good Friday. Keep an eye out for further details for this wonderful event.

A new event we are trying really hard to get off the ground is a Dad’s Event! The perfect opportunity for the dads to get out of the house and meet other multi dads.We would really love to get some feedback from the Dads in the club as to what/where they would like to go/ do while catching up with other Dads. The AGM is fast approaching and we are always looking for volunteers to come onboard and join the committee.

Fresh ideas are always needed and more hands make light work. If you are considering taking on a position with committee and you have any question please send me an email A list of positions can be found in the newsletter. If you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know. Unfortunately due to low attendance we have had to cancel Yallourn Playgroup as of next term. Chisholm Playgroup and Young Bubs Playgroup are still in full swing so head on down and grab a cuppa and enjoy a chat with other multi parents. Thank you to Meredith for investing time each week to assist in trying to provide a playgroup for our Gippsland based members. Wishing you all a Happy and Safe Easter!!

March Presidents Report

I can’t believe summer is almost over and the school year is well and truly underway. What a year it is for me. My eldest has started foundation and has had a really smooth transition in to school which was such a relief. He also received an award 2nd week in to school. My twins also started 3 year old kinder. My little pocket rocket settled in nicely, keen for me to leave but his twin brother not so much. Still getting used to the idea that I drop him off and don’t stay. I hope all the parents with kids starting kinder and school have had a smooth beginning to the year without too many tears!!

All our Playgroups are back in full swing! Chisholm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Yallourn on a Thursday and Young Bubs on Wednesday. Playgroup is a fantastic opportunity to come and meet some other multi parents and enjoy a cuppa and a chat. The students at Chisholm have started the year extremely enthusiastic, keeping the kids well entertained!

12th -19th March is Multiple Birth Awareness Week. This is an annual national event to celebrate families raising twins, triplets and more. The day also aims to raise awareness of the challenges that go hand-in-hand with raising these children. This year’s theme is “Born a multiple, also an individual”. AMBA is focusing on raising awareness around the individuality of Multiples; that even though they share a special bond as Multiples, they are still unique individuals.

CDMBA is celebrating this event by hosting a family BBQ on Sunday 19th March at Heritage Park, Selandra Rise at 10:30am. If you would like to come along please let me know! We have plenty of events and information sessions planned for the coming months so please keep an eye out on our Facebook Page and in the newsletters for further information. To help minimize the costing of our events and information sessions that we host we are always looking at fundraising, sponsorship and grant ideas.

If you or a family member work for a business that offer grants or may be able to assist us with sponsorship or fundraising please contact me at Make the most of the remaining weeks of daylight savings, I certainly will be. I quite enjoy eating dinner outside whilst it’s still light. Though I’m certainly not going to complain about it getting darker earlier as hopefully my twins will fall asleep quicker!! I hope to see you all at Playgroup or an upcoming event soon. Take care!!

July presidents report

I hope you’re all managing to keep warm this winter. One thing I love about the cold weather is having a nice bowl of hearty soup and crusty bread. What’s your favourite thing about winter? Whilst food is on my mind, what have you got planned this winter as a family? I’m looking forward to taking my family to an upcoming City of Casey event, Winter Treats at Wilsons Botanic Park. It’s on Saturday 2nd July. There will be food trucks, children’s activities and entertainment all day. Also sweet and savoury treats to taste.

Its’s great to see so many families at Playgroup despite the cold and wet weather. The recent teddy Bear picnic seemed to be a big hit amongst the kids. CDMBA have some exciting events coming up for the whole family. To kick off the school holidays which are fast approaching we have the Family Movie Night all organised for Friday 1st July. Check out the events page for all the details. Keep an eye on the events because coming up in July and August we are planning a Parents Dinner and Snooker Night for the Dads. I hope the upcoming events are of some interest to you and your family. I would love to hear of any ideas you may have for future events. To finish off, I would love to share a poem I came across one day about “double trouble”. You may have seen it before but it’s one I love. Enjoy the month ahead!



“Double Trouble” they say with glee,

“Oh what a nightmare”, “rather you than me!”

With a deep breath I smile (through gritted teeth) and listen oh so politely,

To how so-and-so’s cousin’s wife has twins, and how they do so pity me!

My twins may not be angles, my life may sometimes be hard,

But really it’s me who should pity you, for being so hard of heart.

For how can you look at those rosy checks, those eyes with cheeky gleam,

And see therein a nightmare, and now a wondrous dream.

For if one child’s a miracle; a blessing, a gift, a joy,

Then surely two’s doubly blessed, yes—even if they’re both boys!

I really am so lucky, precious first—I see them twice, And triplet parents are luckier—they get to see them thrice!

Yes my hands are well and truly full, but with cuddly balls of fun,

Who will always have a friend with whom to laugh and skip and run,

My heart is overflowing even when my patience wears thin,

And I thank my lucky stars each day that I have my precious twins.