Member Benefits


Membership of CDMBA is open to all parents and guardians of multiple birth children. If you have (or are expecting) twins, triplets or more, then this organisation is for you.

Benefits Available to CDMBA Members

Expectant and New Parents’ Information Sessions (available to members AND non-members)

  • New and expectant parents of multiples are invited to attend a free information session to learn more about life with multiple birth children.
  • Topics for discussion include the unique features of the pregnancy, birth of multiples and feeding (both breast and bottle) of multiples.
  • Contact Enquiries, or call (03) 9513 4445 for more information.


  • We offer several sessions per week, offering support and friendship to members in a relaxed and caring environment while catering to different age groups.
  • A joint arrangement between CDMBA and Chisholm Tafe allows students to gain practical experience and assist the families attending by creating age-appropriate activities for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Contact Playgroup to try one free session.

To read more about playgroups, view our playgroup page here


  • CDMBA publishes and distributes a newsletter, Multiplicity, eleven times per year.
  • Features include, but are not limited to, a calendar of events, reports on past events, announcements of births and birthdays, articles on research relating to multiples, parenting and other topics of interest to multiple birth parents.
  • Contact the Editor for all advertising queries

Social Media

  • CDMBA members are encouraged to join the Facebook group as a medium for communication of news, events and mutual support.
  • The page is a closed group, assuring privacy and support for CDMBA members only.

Member Discounts

  • We have a list of businesses that have generously agreed to provide CDMBA members with a discount on a wide range of goods and services.
  • There is also a national discount list that has been prepared by AMBA, for use anywhere in Australia.
  • Contact Promotions for further details.

Higher Order Multiples (triplets, quads or more)

  • CDMBA caters for triplets, quads and more as well as twins. There are a number of triplet families in the organisation.
  • For more information, please contact our HOM Coordinator for further details.

Bereavement Support

  • CDMBA offers support and information to any family who, sadly, loses one or more of their multiples at any age or stage of gestation.
  • Contact Enquiries for further details.