July presidents report

I hope you’re all managing to keep warm this winter. One thing I love about the cold weather is having a nice bowl of hearty soup and crusty bread. What’s your favourite thing about winter? Whilst food is on my mind, what have you got planned this winter as a family? I’m looking forward to taking my family to an upcoming City of Casey event, Winter Treats at Wilsons Botanic Park. It’s on Saturday 2nd July. There will be food trucks, children’s activities and entertainment all day. Also sweet and savoury treats to taste.

Its’s great to see so many families at Playgroup despite the cold and wet weather. The recent teddy Bear picnic seemed to be a big hit amongst the kids. CDMBA have some exciting events coming up for the whole family. To kick off the school holidays which are fast approaching we have the Family Movie Night all organised for Friday 1st July. Check out the events page for all the details. Keep an eye on the events because coming up in July and August we are planning a Parents Dinner and Snooker Night for the Dads. I hope the upcoming events are of some interest to you and your family. I would love to hear of any ideas you may have for future events. To finish off, I would love to share a poem I came across one day about “double trouble”. You may have seen it before but it’s one I love. Enjoy the month ahead!



“Double Trouble” they say with glee,

“Oh what a nightmare”, “rather you than me!”

With a deep breath I smile (through gritted teeth) and listen oh so politely,

To how so-and-so’s cousin’s wife has twins, and how they do so pity me!

My twins may not be angles, my life may sometimes be hard,

But really it’s me who should pity you, for being so hard of heart.

For how can you look at those rosy checks, those eyes with cheeky gleam,

And see therein a nightmare, and now a wondrous dream.

For if one child’s a miracle; a blessing, a gift, a joy,

Then surely two’s doubly blessed, yes—even if they’re both boys!

I really am so lucky, precious first—I see them twice, And triplet parents are luckier—they get to see them thrice!

Yes my hands are well and truly full, but with cuddly balls of fun,

Who will always have a friend with whom to laugh and skip and run,

My heart is overflowing even when my patience wears thin,

And I thank my lucky stars each day that I have my precious twins.

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